Kirk's Natural - Original Body Wash - 16 oz.


Kirk's Natural - Original Body Wash - 16 oz.

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Why Kirk's Natural Original Body Wash? •Produces rich, creamy lather in ALL water types •Rinses quickly and completely - Leaves no drying residue on your skin •Hypoallergenic •Biodegradable •Low pH formula •Ideal for every member of your family •Contains NO animal by-products - NEVER tested on animals What kind of fragrance does Kirk's use in their soap? Kirk's fragrance is a special blend of mostly natural and some synthetic materials. Synthetic materials have been tested for product safety by manufacturer and approved by FDA. Do they use any lye in the soap? Yes, lye (made from sea salt) is used to convert coconut oil into soap. The soap has been made by this old process since biblical times. However, Kirk's soap contains no free lye or lye residues in it. All traces of residual lye are fully neutralized in our soap-making process. If the fragrance is synthetic, why does the label say all natural? Because 99% plus ingredients are natural and fragrance is mostly derived from natural materials. Even if the fragrance used is considered as masked fragrance, what is the guarantee that it would not cause any allergies? The ingredients of most modern-day fragrances are tested for allergic reactions. Only the materials which pass this test are used in fragrance blending. How long would a bar soap last with an average usage? About a month or about 20 long showers. It depends on the usage though. What is the shelf life of Kirk's bar soap? Kirk's bar has an unlimited shelf life. The bar is still usable even if it has discolored after a very long storage period. Can Kirk's be used for enema? Kirk's bar can be used for enema. However, all soap products may cause some irritation if used for enema, so this should not be practiced too frequently. We would recommend to consult your doctor before you use Kirk's for enema. What is Kirk's pH? 9.6 in 1% solution water. Is Kirk's Kosher? Although Kirk's doesn't carry the "circle U" symbol for kosher products, it is animal free. There has not been sufficient consumer interest to warrant seeking Kosher certification, which entitles the traditional rabbinical code of manufacturing (regular inspection by a rabbi, etc.) What does Castile mean? Today, Castile refers to soaps made without animal fats. Is Kirk's biodegradable? Kirk's is completely biodegradable. All surfactants used in Kirk's are biodegradable. This means all surfactants (sudsing/cleaning agents) are broken down into simpler compounds by natural biological action helping to eliminate sudsing/foaming problems in lakes and streams. What are the health effects of Kirk's soap? •Eye: The product is mild enough that no damage or irritation should occur. In the event that irritation does occur, warm water poured over the bridge of the nose for a couple of minutes should be enough. If symptoms persist, a doctor should be consulted. •Ingestion: The product is not poisonous. If a large quantity is ingested, it may cause vomiting. In the occasion that this happens, dilute it with fluids, such as milk, water, or juice. •Skin: The product contains no irritations or allergens. An adverse reaction, while unusual is most likely due to individual allergies.

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