Fragrance Oils - 1 dram


Fragrance Oils - 1 dram

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Egyptian Musk, Beyonce Heat(W), Kim Kardashian(W), Issy Miyake(W) & (M) Dun Hill(W) & (M), Tiffan (W), Baby Phat(W), Black Carat (M), Sexy Things Vixen, Kush, Frankincense & Myrth, Marc Echo Blue, Sexual Fresh(W), Born Wild(M)& (W),Big Peony, Poppy Coach(W), Boss Night(M), Vision Of Love(W), Bomb Seduction(W), L'Homme Libre(M), CK IN2U Heat(M)&(W), Bang by Marc Jacob(M), Lollipop Bling(W), Gorgeous V/S, Gucci by Gucci, Idole D'Armani, Hearts & Daggers(M), Unforgivable Night, Drifter(M), Burberry Sports(M), Dare Me, Fancy Nights, Sexual Sugar(W), Hot Water(M), Gucci Sport(M), Tease by P. Hilton(W), Queen of Hearts, A Scent I.M.(M), My Life by M.J.B., Diamonds Intense, and many more....ASK FOR YOUR FAVORITE.

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